Sarah Brennan and daughter, Ellie


Coaching Skateboarding at the tender age of 40 as a mother of 3 (2 biologically and one hairy beast from the Dog’s Trust she called Fozzy Bear) Sarah is not your typical Skateboarder.

She fell in love with the sport in her 20’s when she set up a Skateboard shop selling all things Skateboard related. She loved her job and the products they sold, the industry suited her. She began fund-raising for a local Skatepark to be built and volunteered her time with the project, and still does!

It wasn’t until she was 30 though that she had managed to succeed staying on a board longer than a few seconds. Any previous attempts had resulted in her falling on her bottom moments after getting on the board.

Her and a couple of friends started a Saturday club for kids at their local village hall. Perplexed by the lack of young people trying skateboarding they set out to attract new blood. She was meant to be there purely in an admin role but soon donned a helmet and joined in the club. Each week she would get on her board with kids the same age as her own children and learned to skate, they learnt so fast that she had to take up extra classes to keep up. She realised pretty quickly, as did everyone else that she would never make the cut as a skateboarder but my passion had been ignited.

She could see so much potential in the activity as a way of engaging young people especially the ones who weren’t connecting with the more traditional sports. She wanted to shout from the roof tops to all those kids out there feeling lost or needing a confidence boost, ‘come skate with us feel safe, secure and be free of judgement’ all the things she needed to hear growing up.

More recently working with 1st4Sport as the technical expert for the Level 1 Award in Coaching Skateboard Sessions Qualification has been a particular highlight for her. She is pleased to have helped mould such a great course based on years of coaching, tutoring and assessing experience. Partnering with Skateboard England is a dream come true.

She gives her heart and soul to the young people and organisations she work with. She helps them make kids dreams come true and in doing so  dreams come true. Each day she wakes she feel so blessed to be doing the job she does.




23 years old and currently lives in Otley, West Yorkshire.

Denham started skating around 2001/2, when skateboarding experienced a huge boom in popularity. Everyone wanted a board. Loud graphics, Louder music and really, really baggy jeans were the order of the day. All his friends rode, and after some persuading, his parents bought him his first proper deck at Christmas. An old Toy Machine deck with Toy machine wheels and some incredibly dodgy trucks. It still stands as one of the best gifts he ever received.

It's be a few years until he discovered freestyle skateboarding, which has since become the single most long standing and positive influence in his life. Freestyle is something of a lost art, having almost completely died out in the early 90s. Freestyle involves creating lines and routines, but completely on flat ground. It's all pogos, primos (or rail stands in old money) and as many manual and 360 variations as one could imagine. Say "Rodney Mullen" and people usually understand what freestyle is.

He loves skateboarding because it has helped him overcome many personal issues and restored a sense of worth and purpose. Any anxieties or insecurities he may have, can be dealt with constructively. He feels skateboarding has helped him progress into being a more confident and balanced individual. Simply put, he skates because it's one of few things he feels he couldn't live without.

Sk8 Safe offer fantastic opportunities for the younger generation to take up a sport which is accepting of everyone, of any background. It gives young people a chance to progress in a such a way that they set their own limits, no matter how high, without any fear of rejection as may sometimes happen in team sports. He hopes to continue working with Sk8 Safe and developing individuals in a way which I think little else can. He hopes skateboarding can be just as much of a positive influence on them as it was on himself and so many others.




26 years young, born and lives in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. David Geen, his best friend and one of Scarborough’s best skateboarders in his day got Danny into Skateboarding. He saw him kickflip and it blew his mind, like a mini Brandon Westgate, so much pop and speed! He instantly chucked his football in the bin and begged his mum for a skateboard! David then showed Danny Deca’s ‘Second To None’, (still the best skate video!) and he never looked back! Baggy clothes, hip hop and style over tricks is what he saw as skateboarding culture, a way of living, not a sport, just mates doing something different to the mainstream.

Skateboarding gives Danny a massive outlet from the real world. It allows him to forget the pressure of work and it offers him the chance to meet the best people and travel to great places. Skateboarding isn’t just a sport, it’s a culture that brings everybody together.

He think Sk8 Safe is brilliant, it gives kids an opportunity to not only try a new sport but helps them progress further with the help of wonderful people. It not only helps technically with the sport but also builds self-confidence, safety, etiquette and all round great attitudes.

Danny Jone's current sponsors are:
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