Aycliffe Secure Children Centre


The Story

Sk8 Safe were invited to Aycliffe Secure Children’s Centre in spring 2011.  The aim was to provide an avenue for disengaged children to participate in a non-traditional sporting activity in the hope that they would improve their balance, self-worth and overall health.  Since the first enrichment day Sk8 Safe have been repeatedly invited back to continue the work they have been doing.


The Results

“Sk8 Safe have been coming into our organisation for the last year running workshops in our Themed Weeks.  The young people have really engaged with the activity and actively sought to invite them back through their feedback forums.  This is an excellent environment for the skateboarding activity as it provides the young people who have experienced difficulties so far in their lives with an opportunity to participate in a sport they may not have considered or had access to do previously."  


Results where it really matters

One of the young people said:  “I and most of the other lads liked skateboarding, it’s a good laugh and you can overcome your fears on the ramps.  It’s really good and it’s a thing to look forward to at the end of the week or day.” 


Long Term Strategy

In 2012 the centre decided for longevity of the activity they would train 3 members of their core team. They attended the one day Sk8 Safe Level 2 Accredited Training Programme and now conduct the activity all year round with no need for further investment.  They run a self-maintaining programme.


Time for Action

“The Sk8 Safe team are professional, friendly and approachable and the young people have responded to them really well and this has helped build their self-esteem and confidence.  Skateboarding is a non-aggressive alternative to traditional team sports and as such we decided to train members of our team on the Level 2 Nationally Accredited Sk8 Safe Course. Aycliffe Secure Young People’s Centre is now able to facilitate this activity independently and we would have no hesitation in recommending Sk8 Safe.”

Feedback provided by:
Zoe Seir Enrichment Week Co-ordinator