Barnardo's Disability and
Inclusion Support Services

The Story

Sk8 Safe were initially invited to run a session forBarnardo’s North East region in 2010 through the Sports Development Team in Darlington.  The aim was to provide an avenue for young people with disabilities to participate in a non-traditional sporting activity in the hope that they would improve their balance, self-worth and overall health. Since the first session Sk8 Safe have been repeatedly invited back to continue the work they have been doing.


The Results

“The age range of the young people that attend is from 12-18 and the spilt of the group is approx. 40% female 60% male. The group varies hugely in the disabilities and needs of the young people that attend.  At the beginning of the holiday scheme when it first started in 2010 we asked the group what they would be interested in doing and what their interests are but also what have they never had the opportunity to have a go at.  Some of the responses we had back were skateboarding and skills that they can do on skateboards.” 


Results where it really matters

“Many of the young people in the group had never had a go on a skateboard as with their needs it may have been deemed too dangerous or they had just never been given the opportunity.  The sessions enabled anyone who has never been on a skateboard before to safely learn the skills required. This is done in such a way that young people of all ages and abilities can achieve and in a short space of time learn new skills, keep active and have fun. This has helped to build the self-esteem and confidence of the young people that have taken part and given them the opportunity that they would otherwise have not had.”  
Jill BousfieldSenior Project Worker Barnardo's Disability
and Inclusion Support Service.


Time for Action

“The ethos of the scheme and the organization means that we believe that children and young people should have the same opportunities to try to learn new skills and activities in a safe and supportive environment to encourage them to build their confidence and self-esteem.  We initially accessed Skate Safe through Sports Development in Darlington but have since asked them to come back to the group as the young people really enjoyed the sessions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sk8 Safe.”  

Feedback provided by:
Jill BousfieldSenior Project Worker Barnardo's Disability
and Inclusion Support Service.