Winchester Skatepark Ambassadors Training

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Article first published December 2014

The Sk8 Safe team love road trips and this one was took a special place in our hearts for 2014! Maverick Park Builders, Winchester Council and the young people had built a truly outstanding Skate Park, one fit for having truly outstanding Skate Park Ambassadors. Our mission was to bring everyone together and equip them with the training to realise their potential as ambassadors.

Sarah, Julie and Blythe led the training whilst Ben filmed and managed the technology. The ambassadors loved the activities we had planned for them and moulded the future of Winchester Skate Park beautifully on the day.

Steve who heads up the Park Ambassadors had this to say about the day:
 “Yesterday was awesome. Sk8 Safe team really helped us figure out what we want out of the park now it's built and how to keep it sick. Also gave free tees and hoodies, stickers and Kam got himself a deck for a Back Blunt, Front Nose Blunt, Airwalk and mpossible down the set. Boder got a fat Heelflip down the set along with BS Crooks and Boards. I managed to sit on the ledge and watch the madness. Smashed it! Loads of sick tricks went down as well as training so was well worth it. The Council and I have got loads to work with next month so a HUGE thank you to all of you turned up at short notice.”

Check out the edit from the day filmed by Ben Relton