Absolute Board Co and Better Extreme Have Their First Accredited Coaches


Arictle originally published June 2016

On the 12th of June, Sk8 Safe loaded up the van and began on a journey to deliver a week of skateboard coach training, starting in Hampshire and finishing in London, and of course, stopping at a few skateparks on route!

The team arrived at Absolute Board Co headquarters on the 13th to deliver the Level 1 Award in Coaching Skateboard Sessions Qualification to the Penny Skateboards team. Penny have a reputation for getting young people on boards, and for making the sport accessible to all. Penny boards are fun, versatile, and serve as a great entry point into skateboarding for beginners, which ties in perfectly with the Level 1 Award as a means of participation rather than performance.

The Sk8 Safe team trained their first international coaches, with four learners all the way from Germany passing through the course and going on to spread skateboarding far and

wide. There were also coaches from some of the most highly regarded skateboarding schools in the UK. Don’t Rain and Skates and Ladders both had their team pass through the course, giving them the credibility that skateboard coaches so desperately need to gain bookings from other external organisations, and to establish themselves on a level playing field with other sports coaches.

With 89.5% positive feedback, it’s clear that the new coaches have all been able to take something valuable away from the course.

Penny Skateboards will be delivering their own taster sessions to get young people on skateboards and introduced to what can be a fun and rewarding hobby. Look out for taster sessions near you!

From Southampton, Sk8 Safe made their way over to Dagenham in the East end of London, to deliver the Level 1 Award in Coaching Skateboard Sessions to the team at Better Extreme Skatepark.

penny 2.jpg

Better Extreme is a fantastic facility, covering 900 square metres, it’s the largest indoor skatepark in London. There’s also a trampoline park and gym on site, giving local people of all backgrounds an opportunity to keep fit and active through alternative sports.

better extreme.jpg

The skatepark offers obstacles for skaters of all abilities, ranging from bowls, to street courses, to beginner’s mini ramps. The coaches at Better Extreme have a wealth of experience to share, and are seasoned coaches who were all excited to receive their first accredited qualification in skateboard coaching. 

Warren Stafford, one of the coaches at Better Extreme, had this to say about the course:
“The skate safe course was brilliant, it's given me a better and more refined skill set that I will go on to use in future coaching sessions. It’s a great thing to do if you're a skateboarder as it can open many doors to careers you didn't know where out there. Since doing the course I have been thinking of starting my own skate school to get people involved and skating. The tutors we had for the course where also great, they guided us in the right direction and made the course a good laugh instead of it being too serious. I recommend the course to anyone that maybe thinking about doing it."

Feedback from the team was hugely positive, with an average score of 95.5%. The Level 1 Award keeps going from strength to strength, with more coaches and organisations signing up to gain this essential qualification and progress their career.

Who knows where skateboarding will take you next?

Words by: Denham Hill