The World Roundup Freestyle Skateboarding Championships


Article originally posted May 2016

On the 18th of May, Sk8 Safe’s lead coach and assessor, Denham Hill, flew out to Canada for the World Round-Up Freestyle Skateboarding Championships.

50 of the World’s top freestyle skateboarders, from 14 countries made the trip to take home their share of the $10,000 prize money in what was to be the biggest year for the Round-Up since the first event 5 years ago. The event was live streamed around the world, with local media crews stopping by to interview some of the contestants and organisers. There was a real buzz around the whole event, which acts not only as a competition but a celebration of the skateboarding community, and a reunion among friends from thousands of miles away.

The freestylers were joined by skateboarding legend Russ Howell, also a judge at the competition, and by legendary Bones Brigade members Kevin Harris and Per Welinder.

Preliminary rounds began on the 20th , leading to the semi-finals on the 21st and the finals on the 22nd. Leading up to the best trick contest, the spin-offs, best handstand trick, and the much coveted worst trick competition on the 23rd .

Representing the UK and sponsored by Moonshine SkateboardsDenham 
made it through to the final round, placing 20th overall in his first official pro competition.

Denham had this to say about his experience at the competition:

“The event is like nothing I’ve ever seen in freestyle skateboarding before. The turnout was massive and you’re greeted by friends from around the world who are all a part of the same global community. The crowd turnout was great too, people are genuinely really happy to watch you skate whether you’re a top competitor or not. The experience was fantastic, although a little nerve-wrecking, and one I definitely won’t be missing out on next year.”


Denham travels out to Germany on the 8th of July for the European Championships in Paderborn, then to the UK Round Up on the 16th of July.

Here’s a clip of the Worst Trick Competition, with Denham Hill and Tony Gale performing a human catamaran Hippy Jump. After all, skateboarding is about having fun!