Exist Paves the Way for Skateboard Coaching in Wales

On the 14th and 15th of March, Coach Educator and Assessor Denham Hill took the long drive down to South Wales, to deliver the Level 1 Award to a new line of Skateboard Coaches at Exist Skatepark.

Swansea has a bit of a history in Skateboarding, and a thriving scene spearheaded by some of the most passionate skaters the UK has to offer. From the heady days at the Morfa ramp to present sessions at Exist, skateboarding is ever present and growing in the city. More so now than ever before, as Wales now has it’s first accredited and qualified Skateboard Sessions Coaches.

 Exist, sustaining Swansea's Skate Scene since 2011

Exist, sustaining Swansea's Skate Scene since 2011

Opening in 2011, Exist provided the only indoor skateboarding provision for skaters in the area, sustaining the scene and enabling it to grow. You could tell by the turn out on what actually a fairly nice day outside, that the park creates an environment where everyone is welcome, run by skaters and for skaters.

7 Skaters from around Swansea came out to take the course, ranging from those coaching for several years, to absolute beginners keen to inspire more young skaters. With a score of 95.8% positive feedback, it’s clear that both experienced coaches and newbies alike were able to take something valuable from the two days.

Let’s hope we get a few more courses booked in Wales! Cheers Exist, was ace to meet you all!

Check Exist out on Facebook HERE, and drop in and pay them a visit. we're sure you'll be made to feel very welcome.