What does Direct Coaching entail?

Sk8 Safe delivers multi-faceted Skateboarding based activities.
We aim to provide social inclusion for young people giving them confidence in an activity that has previously lacked a professional, controlled environment in which to learn.

This inclusive sport is proven to engage core groups, those who don't necessarily engage with main stream sports in particular and also empowers traditional sports enthusiasts to cross over into urban based activities.

When approached by staff and often young people at schools for this activity we often find they know of no obvious safe entry level whilst the demand is high. This is where Sk8 Safe steps in offering Direct Coaching Services.

The Sk8 Safe Coaching Programme caters for both entry level and intermediate skateboarding so all abilities are actively engaged in the Sk8 Safe sessions. All equipment is provided for up to 30 children per 1 hour session. Each session also includes Skate Park Etiquette and Safety so the children and young people are equipped with the skills to use at their local Skate Park facility once the course is finished.


If you are looking to:

• Engage children and young people

• Get your group active whilst having fun

• Raise their self-esteem and confidence

• Help them make friends with similar interests

• Develop their special awareness

• Develop their concentration skills

• Provide positive and relevant role models in the Sk8 Safe Instructors

• Provide an entry point into Skate Culture

Then Sk8 Safe Skateboard Coaching sessions are
ideal for you and your organisation.