Elmtree Project X

The Story

Sk8safe in Partnership with Elmtree Project X and Stockton Borough Council. Elmtree Project X began in 2012 after receiving funding from the Police and Crime Innovations fund, to tackle Anti-Social Behaviour and identified a service need after young people of the Borough successfully campaigned for skate park provision in the borough. During this time Elmtree utilised equipment that had been in council storage for many years and employed youth work staff and peer mentors of the wheeled sports community to develop the project.


The Process

The key peers were identified, (those who were engaged in street riding and as such seen as a cause of ASB,) from: the campaign group, as leaders within the sport and those that had expressed a willingness to support and encourage others to enjoy the sport.

The peers were also engaged in the Youth Voice developments for the councils 2 outdoor skate park developments. These are due for completion in 2013 and the peers have been involved in two different user development groups and key to the design/build process.

The peers were encouraged to apply for trainee youth worker posts to be employed by Elmtree and continued through an official interview process to give them experience of interviewing.


The Partnership

While in post training for both the trainees and senior youth workers began as part of CPD. (CPD included with all the First Aid, Manuel handling Child Protection etc.) During this time support and advice from Sk8 Safe was invaluable. Sk8 Safe provided expertise and introduced the Learn to Skate Coaching programme which was an invaluable starting point for the group as this gave fantastic insight to the new skill base needed for the experienced youth work staff and started the foundations for delivery/focus and group dynamic approach for the very skilled trainees, who had all the riding skills but lacked the confidence of delivery and knowledge of group dynamics and young people’s needs.


The Results

Sk8 Safe team delivered a fun interactive course that was well balanced in terms of pace/content as well as been fun and engaging. The whole group left the full days training with focus outlook on how develop the Project face to face delivery further. To utilise the expertise from Sk8 Safe and their time in the area, Stockton Borough Council funded the training and opened it up to partner organisations within the borough. This led onto the programme also been a fantastic networking opportunity for both the trainees and those new to the area.

Thankfully Sk8 Safe have been very willing to support the project with further advice, information and contacts after the training, therefore the training was only the beginning of a very supportive multi agency approach.

As a result the foundations for a very successful project were laid. The project in the past year has received numerous Awards Nationally, regionally and locally.


National - BYC – Youth on Board Award – Inspiring Project

Regional - RYWU – Best Youth Work Partnership

Local - Evening Gazette – Finalist Community Champions Awards


Community Champions

Finalist Service to Community Award
Local - Stockton Borough Council – Mayors Civic Award

Regional - Police Crime Commissioner Community Safety Award

Local - Catalyst Award - Partnership Award