We're always looking for ways to upskill our coaches and ensure the highest level of professionalism. We've added some brand new courses to our offering, so we can help you get the best possible training for your coaches and ensure best practice. Whatever your coaching environment.

We've teamed up with Highfield Qualifications to bring you accredited qualifications to improve your skill set. We can now offer Safeguarding Level 1 and 2 Courses, First Aid, and Skate Park Specific First Aid,  which aims to address some of the most common incidents that would be encountered at a skate park. 

Highfield is the leading accreditation/awarding body in the UK providing hundreds of courses through the UK and abroad. Some of their many clients include McDonalds and John Lewis to name just a couple


It’s vital for coaches to have a knowledge of first aid, and to be prepared for emergency situations that may occur within their working environment. Skate parks, like many outdoor sports                                                                                                                       provisions, have their own unique risks, and common injury                                                                                                                       categories. Through our Skate park Specific first aid course,                                                                                                                       we’ll teach you how to handle emergency situations in what can                                                                                                                 be quite a complicated setting.

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A knowledge and awareness of Safeguarding procedures is an essential requirement for any professionals working in an environment where young people and vulnerable adults are present.

                                                                                                                This accredited Safeguarding Course, awarded by Highfield                                                                                                                       Qualifications, provides learners with the knowledge needed to                                                                                                                 ensure the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults in                                                                                                                     their coaching sessions or professional environment.

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This Certificated first aid course, awarded by Highfield Qualifications, provides learners with a vital understanding of first aid procedures, and the basic skills needed to attend to a range of incidents ranging from common illnesses such as asthma and allergies, through to emergency CPR.

An essential requirement for coaches, this Emergency First Aid Course ensures best practise and a higher level of professionalism.