Sk8 Safe™ was founded in 2007. The aim from the outset was clear, to promote diversity through Skateboarding.

Skateboarding speaks to children in a way that differs from more traditional team sports activities. We see truly remarkable results because skateboarding is without formal structure, without direct competition, without the need to strive to win and success is measured in the building of individual self-esteem.

Founder Sarah Agar-Brennan established in the Skateboarding industry in 2001. Her background in specialist independent retail and e-commerce allowed to partner and provide services to organisations like BBC Radio 1 (On the Road), Olympia Exhibition Hall Extreme Sports Exhibition, Sony Ericson and many other high profile clients.

Sarah found new direction in the mid 2000’s and embarked on an investment into learning and development and coaching services across the North East of England. Further expansion into a wider range of structured formalised training programmes soon followed which underpin the services we provide today.

The Sk8 Safe™ team offers a range of services which include:

Direct coaching
Accredited training
Urban Arts and Community Skate Events
Skate Park Ambassadors Programme

We are the first such company into the UK to formalise our Coaching Programme in this way under a recognised educational framework. Our pioneering approach ensures we maintain remarkable results.

Now is the perfect time to get skateboarding with Sk8 Safe into your school or onto local community facility.