Ricall Parish Council Summer Events Programme

The Story

Sk8 Safe were invited by Riccall Parish Council to aid in the Delivery of their Festival and Programme of Summer Events 2013. Sk8 Safe had worked with Riccall Parish Council in earlier Direct Coaching events so a good working relationship had already been established.

The Summer Events were to take place over 4 days in which the Parish Council wanted to produce a schedule which engaged all comers and positively displayed a vast range of opportunities that are available in communities nationwide and can be delivered in the local community at their facilities.

“Riccall Parish Council chose SK8 Safe to help delivery our summer community festival, as we had used them before and always found them to be reliable and committed to delivering results.” 


The Consultation

After a review of the range of activities Sk8 Safe could offer with its Network of Providers the Parish Council elected Sk8 Safe to Project Manage the event from start to finish. This freed up the Parish Council to focus on marketing through various media routes available to them, with Sk8 Safe supporting them at all times, to ensure the correct target audience were reached and that the event was well attended.

After Sk8 Safe’s recommendations were set out a decision was reached to offer a mixed agenda covering both traditional and non-traditional sports activities and a cross section of urban culture workshops and show cases.


The Program

Sk8 Safe offered Skateboarding sessions and Scooting sessions, and competitions in all. There were DJ sessions, circus skills displays, juggling displays, hula hoop displays, poi displays, stilt walking and workshops for all attendees to try. Also on offer were a series of ball skills activities such as football, softball, and quick sticks hockey to introduce attendees to sports they may not have tried before.

The event climaxed with the Sk8 Jam where the riders from the local area enjoyed live DJ sessions and a big competition where they could showcase their talents. The Jam was attended by many riders, parents and local residents. And produced fantastic feedback and we believe many people had a new found respect in the achievements and skills of the young people taking part.

“The Skate Jam organised by SK8 Safe was really well received, good fun for all who took part with some fabulous prize support and a great team behind the event.” 


Sk8 Safe Ambassadors

In addition to the summer event Sk8 Safe were also commissioned to implement the Sk8 Park Ambassadors Programme. The Skate Park Ambassadors Programme has been designed to bridge the gaps between new skate park users, experienced skate park users, local residents, skate park managers and local county council initiatives.

The strategy in place aims to empower young leaders at skate park facilities. They provide a point of contact and to provide advisory services to all persons who may visit, spectate or manage the skate park facility and act as a conduit for improved relationships across all these groups.

“We now have a team of Skate Ambassadors for Riccall Skate Park, who take responsibility for the park and help younger residents to understand skate and scooter etiquette and how to be safe and have good fun”


The Results

Sk8 Safe and Riccall Parish Council have now created a solid foundation for the continued success of their park. Together we have introduced a series of peers at the facility into a new way of thinking which ensures new comers, local residents, parents and all park visitors are treated with care and respect. This means that the facilities provided will flourish and the community will experience complete cohesion in relation to it.

The summer programme was completed in August. Funding for the programme was provided through an Awards 4 All application and a continued relationship with Riccall Parish Council may be maintained in future years as new Ambassadors are identified. All in all a great summer programme!

“SK8 Safe have made a huge difference to Riccall Skate Park and we wouldn’t hesitate to use them in the future.”     


Feedback provided by:
Lindsey Ryan - Riccall Parish Council


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