This programme was created after nearly 10 years’ experience managing local community skate parks. We frequently experienced the same issues and successes in common across all of the facilities we encountered over this time.

The Skate Park Ambassadors Programme was developed in conjunction with a County Council and their local skate park facility. After many visits to the facility to provide our Urban Arts Events services we found that local residents and park users frequently reporting repeated incidents of a similar nature and that the Council were struggling to find a positive way forward for the good of all the interested groups.

The challenges are categorised as follows however the lists of issues we encounter will never be exhaustive of course;

• Anti-Social Behaviors   
• Litter
• Unacceptable Language
• Residential Concerns
• Regular Complaints
• Poor Skate Park Etiquette
• Vandalism
• Management Concerns

The aim in every Programme we deliver is to bridge the gap, create community cohesion and to show case the park users’ talents which is often over looked and under appreciated.


What do our Sk8 Safe Ambassadors say
about themselves and the programme?