Swanick Lodge

The Story

Hampshire County Council Children’s Services required a new layer of support for Physical Educational which could better connect with their residents as an alternative to traditional sports. Sk8 Safe were invited to deliver the Sk8 Safe Level 2 Essential Coaching Skills:Skateboarding to 8 of the team covering 6 childrens Homes across Hampshire including Swanick Lodge Secure Unit where the program was delivered.


The Approach

Sk8 Safe supplied a qualified Coach and Assessor to the venue in Hampshire providing training packs, manuals, safety protection wear, boards and ramps at Swanick Lodge using a breakout room and lodge gym which is otherwise used for Basketball and other traditional sports.

The Results

All participants successfully completed and passed the Assessment with flying colours. The majority of the class were complete novices before attending the program. The results provide conlcusive evidence that with the correct structure of learning non skateboarders are able to acheive the skills required to deliver a sound foundation to people of all ages when they embark on a new relationship with a sport which would almost certainly remain untapped with out the correct introduction.


What the Delegates Say!

“The trainers are better than excellent and instilled passion in all despite some people being “terrified.” This soon was forgotten and it was amazing to see how people had progressed later in the day. You folks get my number One vote any time – Thank-you!”
Allan Peila, Swanick Lodge.

“Despite tight structure the whole approach relaxed participants and we had loads of fun! I was concerned that an “old fart” like myself may be too old and decrepit but boy was my view changed… bring it on!”
Samantha Belbin, Swanick Lodge


How to get your program started?

Contact the Sk8 safe team and discuss your requirements, for training, taster sessions, funding advice, project management and consultancy for any youth and community initiative where young people need to be engaged with and alternative approach.